The Most Cost-Effective Plans for Your Influencer-driven Campaigns

Is your business affected by COVID-19?  Are you looking for a cost-effective way to boost your marketing campaigns?  Want to work with influencers, but not sure how to begin?

We understand your concerns.  Here, you would find the unexpected: reasonable pricing, and a streamlined AI-powered platform that helps you find the influencers most suitable for promoting your products.

Raise awareness for your products, elevate your brand, promote you sales, increase your ROI — all  done easily with Needle!

For Brands

Boost your campaigns with your favorite influencers, increase sales and make the best impression of your products today!

For Influencers

Work with your favorite brands, and get paid!
(No commission charged.  Awesome, right?)


Easy to Use

Setting up a campaign is as easy as 1-2-3! Our team can always guide you whenever you need help.


Very, very affordable fee. 
Set your own budget to achieve your desired ROI.  No hidden costs.


Our AI-powered system analyzes influencers’ engagement rate, reach per post, likes per post, and so much more,  to ensure your investment is worthwhile and effective.


Find relevant influencers and target the right audience in just a few clicks.  We categorize everything for you!


Monitor your campaign results with our real time analytics tool, generate campaign reports in seconds.  No more manual reporting. (you’re welcome) 

Product Review

Wish to send out your products for reviews? We can do that too.

3 simple steps to promote your brand!

Step 1

Create a campaign.

Let us know about your product, your budget and the categories of influencers that you would like to engage.

Step 2

Now you have all the influencer proposals at your fingertips.

Use our smart filters to help you select those whom you would like to work with.

Communicate with them to create the posts the way you prefer.

Step 3

Influencers start posting about your brand.

You can monitor campaign progress, such as audience reach and other statistics, in our comprehensive dashboard.

Want to join us, but not sure?

How do I receive jobs from Needle? 
How much am I paid? 
When do I get paid? 

and more…

Journey of a Thousand Miles
Begins with a Single Step​

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