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Is Influencer Marketing dead yet?

Despite the pandemic impacting the world, the influencer marketing industry is still doing well and is expected to grow more.

However, we all understand that trends don’t last forever. Is this a worthwhile investment especially for the business owner who is planning to create their own brand?

According to Kepos, the percentage of Malaysians using social media to do their brand or product research reached 91.7% of the total population.

We are going through the golden era when everyone can become an online influencer as long as put effort into creating online content. Brands are still using this method to reach their target audiences and boost their sales digit.

Scroll down and read about what are the current trends and campaigns that help companies grow within the influencer industry.

1. Brand Ambassador Program

Brands love to create and maintain relationships with influencers. The program helps the brand to spread awareness and build up the relationship between the brand and people.

Back in 2018, Zalora once discontinued the brand ambassador program. The brand made a comeback in 2021 and expands its ambassador program “Community Influencer Program” which allowed all the individuals to join and earn commission rewards. Influencers can check the rewards based on their number of followers and post per month on the website!

3 Influencer Marketing Trends in the first half of 2022 2
Source: Zalora Malaysia

Not only limited to adults, but some brands are also looking for youngsters to become part of brand influencers. Nestle Malaysia will be offering a one-year term youth influencer program that specialized to make university students become Nestle ambassadors for their university.

The youth influencer role is designed to build the bridge between the brand and students, leading the brand campaign and creating hype for the events. Participated students have the possibility to become part of the company after the program ended. It’s a good plan for the brand to reach different target audiences.

3 Influencer Marketing Trends in the first half of 2022 4
Source: Nestle Malaysia

2. FinTok

TikTok is no longer for Gen Z. FinTok is an uprising trend within the TikTok community as educational content.

With the combination of the words “Financial” and “TikTok, where financial influencers are allowed to share advice and tips from investing crypto to saving for retirement.

However, the power of the trend is not about the content. You may be surprise that more youngsters are into this trend and turned themselves into “Finfluencer”.

The platform is officially not “just for fun” only. Explore more from the hashtags: #stocktok on TikTok. The hashtag has at least 2.7B views on the platform now.

#Stocktok on Tiktok

3. Multi-Influencer Campaigns

Brands always love stars! To be honest, who doesn’t?

Somehow, brands are no longer attached to celebrities only. With the rise of micro-influencers, big brands are searching for a new way to gain exposure.

The 44 years old American brand, Bob’s Red Mill entered the Malaysia Market in 2015. The local distributor started to engage micro-influencers to feature their product in the video.

Mission Foods, is one of the biggest leaders in corn flour and tortilla production in the world. The brand distributer in Malaysia is utilizing micro-influencers as part of their marketing campaign as well.

Influencer Marketing isn’t dead yet. At least, not yet. It is just that internet users are getting well at distinguishing sincere or hard-sell content.

Other than that, this shows how important of having the reliable KOLs and influencers to represent the brands. “Authenticity” plays a major role in brand collaboration.

Overall, this marketing strategy is still a “people buy into people” concept. Just remember to understand what consumer needs, choose the right way to approach, and rock it well.