Case Study

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Loong Kee is a well-known food and beverage brand in Malaysia that specializes in traditional snacks and delicacies. With over 80 years of experience in the industry, Loong Kee has become a household name for its high-quality products and authentic flavors.

Campaign Strategy

Work with local artists for the brand CNY song in 2022

Campaign Theme:
CNY Campaign 2022 with Loong Kee.

The campaign featured a catchy and upbeat song that celebrated the spirit of the Lunar New Year and encouraged people to come together to share in the festivities. The song was released on various digital platforms and quickly gained traction, with many people sharing it on social media and creating their own dance covers. 

Famous local identities such as Cheryl Lee, KK Wong, May Lau and Jason Poon were engaged to participate in the brand’s CNY song.

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CNY Dance Challenge

As part of the campaign, a dance cover challenge was conducted to encourage the public to join in the campaign and showcase their dance cover.

The challenge invited participants to follow the dance steps to the Chinese New Year song and share their videos on social media using a specific hashtag.

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