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Needle was born in 2019, which so happened to be the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. We call ourselves a one-stop social media influencer marketing & content marketing agency. We strive to curate impactful content on social media to help brands in achieving their marketing goals.

Core value

At Needle, we believe in the power of FEST!

Fun. Evolving. Supportive . Timely. These are our day-to-day mottos that drive us to get things done for our clients.


We infuse fun and creative elements in our marketing campaign. Also, we strive to make our work fun and exciting!


We are nothing if not social media enthusiasts! We constantly gather input and improve to ensure that we are always at the cutting edge of the ever-changing market trend.


To us, there is no business too small. We are here to support SMEs to grow together!


Time is money, especially on the internet! We pay great attention to “Just-in-time” delivery.

We understand the need to do things differently.

As a sustainable business, we see the people in our community as a crucial part in Needle’s business development. Take care of the people, as they are the ones who make everything we achieve meaningful!

Our Clients

In the years since, Needle has worked on a wide array of unique projects with some really awesome brands, both locally and internationally.your audience about your achievements, partners or customers.

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Our influencer specialists are here to work out a KOL marketing plan with you that moves the needle!

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