Needle is an AI-powered platform that allows brands to connect with social media influencers. Clients can create their marketing campaigns to engage influencers who have the right target audiences to promote the brands. Influencers can choose the brands/ products that they want to work with, create social media posts and get paid.

You just need to have an active Facebook page or Instagram account (publicly accessible). As for the number of followers, the more the better. We don’t require a minimum number of followers as we believe every content creator deserves a chance to be seen.

You just need to sign up on our platform at You can choose to sign up with Facebook, which will be easier, or with your email address. And don’t forget to link your social media accounts after that. You can link to them via the Needle interface after logging in.

After signing up, check out the available campaigns on your dashboard. Choose the brands/products that you would like to engage with and start applying. You will be notified once clients choose you to take part in the particular campaigns.

Yes. You can communicate with clients directly after they have approved your application.

Clients will set their own posting budgets for each of their campaigns. The posting fee will be shown on campaign details. Don’t forget to set your minimum charge per post in your profile. It is a very important benchmark for clients to consider for their selection of influencers.

Paid campaign and product review campaign. Paid campaign: Influencers get monetary payment for featuring brands/products in social media. Product review: Influencers get free sponsored products to try. In return, influencers will create a review post on their social media platform.

No. We are not taking any commission for your pay.

Your payment will be ready within 15 working days after you have completed the posting obligation. Then, you can withdraw anytime provided the balance is above RM100 (Refer to the next question below.)

We will transfer the payment through online banking. Please provide your bank details in the “Credits and Payment” section. There is a 5% processing fee on the amount to be transferred. (The processing fee is waived until December 31, 2020.)

No. Influencers are free to engage with other agencies/platforms even after they have signed up with Needle. The mission of Needle is to maximize influencers’ opportunities, not limiting them.

We use the “Manage Your Pages” permission to calculate your engagement rate for your recent posts, and to keep track of your campaign-related posts for customers.

For any other questions, please email to
We are very happy to help and we wish to improve your experience with us.​