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Influencer Marketing Platform
for Malaysian SMEs

Why you would love Needle - the Influencer Marketing Platform
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Very, very affordable and reasonable charge. No hidden costs.
Budget-friendly package offers SMEs and startups the opportunity to engage in influencer marketing.

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Precise Targeting

Say goodbye to one-size-fits all mass marketing strategy. In Needle, we believe in Targeted Insightful Marketing, to reach the highly specific audiences.

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Quality Content

Content is the New King!
Hence we greatly emphasize on producing Quality Content is relevant to your target audience and produce positive results.

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Creative Strategy

Develop Tailor-Made and Creative Campaign Strategy that works BEST in telling your Brand Story & meeting your marketing goals.



Identify the ideal KOL for your campaign and could reach the right audience. The one that effectively speaks for your brand and achieve your campaign objectives!


Campaign Management

Execute the campaign and facilitate all aspects of the influencer-client relationship.


Performance Tracking

Track the performance of the campaign to ensure that marketing goals are met and the ROI is on track.

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Introducing Self Protection Kit
& HONa Water

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NRL Face Mask

Create awareness and Drive in-store visits

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eZn Hair Pudding Color

Create Awareness and drive In-store visits

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Total Reach
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Likes & Comments
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You need a content and social media plan that moves the needle!

Let our Influencer Specialists handle everything for you from A to Z.