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We take care of your influencer marketing,
so you can focus on
your business

Needle is a one-stop influencer & content marketing agency which carries the mission of promoting brands with quality content and KOLs.

In short, this is what we do…

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KOL Video

Our content team brings and produces creative ideas for your videos that captures the hearts and minds of your audience.

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Photo Review

We customize engaging and creative content in KOL’s photo and caption to attract your target audience in different regions.

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Live Content

Finding the right influencers to run online live streaming to better reach and interact with your target audiences.

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High Quality Content

Enough said, content is king!
You can expect tailor-made content that aligns to your marketing goals and relevant to your target audience from us.

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Precise Targeting

Kiss goodbye to one-size-fits-all mass marketing strategy. In Needle, you could engage in Targeted & Insightful Marketing, to reach the highly specific audiences.

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Value of Money

Yes, we know every cent counts, especially after COVID-19. That’s why you can be assured that your budgets are spent wisely and effectively to generate yields.

Kind words from our beloved business partners

Needle truly impressed me with their excellent customer service, creative ideas, effective execution and high reliability. Needle went extra miles to understand my needs and design my campaign with a solid market insight.
Founder, Little Playbox
感觉很好, Needle 给我感觉很真诚的试用我们的产品并给予合适的推广建议
而且follow up也做得很好
Founder, KNK Innovation Resources
Quality is better than Quantity. Needle is really doing a good job in the quality of the influencers. (purchase power, audience insight, profile etc)
Marketing Director, Yanira Birdnest

Don’t worry, it’s not complicated.
We’ll help you from A to Z.

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1. Customize Creative Strategy

We develop tailor-made and creative briefs that works best in telling your brand story. Can’t wait to meet you and understand your needs.

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2. Identify the Right KOLs

Not every KOL works for your brand. But no worries, we engage the right person for the right job. Identify the ideal KOL that best match to your campaign and reach the right audience.

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3. Manage Your Campaign

Manage the campaign and facilitate all aspects of the influencer-client communication to make sure that KOL’s execution is on track.

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4. Assess Performance

Track the campaign performance to ensure that marketing goals are met and the right message is delivered.

Case Studies

Asylea Sanitizing Shop

Personal Hygiene Product

Yanira Birdnest

Health Supplement Product

KNK Comfy Home

Household Cleaning Product

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Total Reach
Impressions Created
Likes & Comments

Let more people know your brand!

We help you to amplify your brand stories and generate buzz by
harnessing the power of influencers and creative ideas.

We want great brands to be seen, no matter how small you are, we grow together!

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We also offer these services

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Social Media
Content Curation

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Social Media Page

“People trust people, nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted influencer.”

Mark Zuckerberg

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Let’s do this together!

Come on board! Our influencer specialists are here to work out a KOL marketing plan that moves the needle!