Needle x S P Setia 1

About The Brand​​

S P Setia is a Malaysian property developer that was founded in 1974.

The company has been involved in various large-scale projects in Malaysia, including townships, residential developments, commercial properties, and infrastructure projects.

About The Campaign

Campaign Objective

To create public awareness about the Aurora Pop- Up event happening at S P Setia sales galleries.

Campaign Strategy

Engaging both KOLs and KOCs to check-in at the event to create online hype.

A Night with Aurora

Needle x S P Setia 3

KOL Marketing

4 KOLs (Cassey Soo, Cheryl Lee, and Anerly Fang) engaged to this event. 

The content for the campaign was presented through the KOLs’ Instagram accounts in the form of Reels. 

KOC Marketing

6 KOCs from Instagram were engaged to produce video/photo posts for the campaign.

Resulting in a total of 13,256 views and 1,960 engagements, demonstrating the success of the campaign

Campaign Outcome

The combining KOLs and KOCs for this campaign proved effective in boosting event exposure through both paid reviews and genuine word-of-mouth.

This approach allowed for diverse and authentic perspectives to be shared, resulting in increased exposure through multiple channels.