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Where Brands Meets Good Influencers

Needle is a one-stop social influencer & content marketing agency that specializes in curating impactful content on social media to promote brands.

Founded by Cheryl Lee in 2019, we stay true to our mission, to help SMEs in amplifying their brand stories via quality content and KOL. We value the authentic human connection between our clients and the KOL we collaborate.

Here at Needle, you could find the right content for the right audience through the right influencers!

Meet, matchmake and market. Needle.

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Our 4
Core Values

In Needle, we are driven by our Four core values — which we called it FEST, as the guiding principles we instill into the Needle Culture!

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F for Fun

We infuse Fun and Creative Elements in our Marketing Campaign. Also strives in making our work process fun and exciting!

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E for Evolve

We are nothing if not a social media enthusiast! We constantly gaining input and improving to ensure that we are always up-to-date to the ever-changing market trend.

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S for Supportive

Nurturing a cooperative work culture among the Needle Family & Building mutually supportive relationship with Clients.

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T for Timely

Time is Money! We recognize the need to pay great attention on Work efficiency and delivery in Needle.

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Our Mission

Small, But Precise!

We may be Small, but we offer Powerful Influencer Marketing Solutions that allows you to penetrate your targeted market with Precision.

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Cheryl Lee Xin Yi

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Carson Lim

Creative & Marketing
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Chin Chou Tong