Top 4 uprising Virtual Influencers you need to know in 2022


Is metaverse the next big thing? We don’t know for sure, but there is something else related to the metaverse rising unexpectedly. Virtual Influencers are fast becoming brand favorites and such collaboration is increasing.

There are the upcoming virtual influencers that you need to know in 2022.

Lil Miquela, 2012

When talking about virtual influencer, Li Miquela is the “must-know” icon in the industry. She is a 19 years old American-Brazilian virtual influencer and Instagram model from Downey, California. She was created by the startup company Brud, and started her journey as a Vtuber. She is also the first V-model. She has her own mind and feelings… just like human. She is pro-Black Lives Matter.

Miquela was featured with big-name brands such as Calvin Klein, Prada, and Samsung as brand ambassador. In addition to product placement, Miquela also participated in fashion events. She released her first single breaking up with her ex-boyfriend. Miquela has 2.9 mil Instagram followers now.

What’s happening to her now: The influencer is back after a long break and ready to partner with Pacsun, embracing Web3 and Metaverse. (

Imma, 2018

Imma is the first virtual human and model in Japan. The influencer has been selected as one of the New 100 Talent to Watch by Japanese Economics Entertainment. Imma is one of the big brands’ favorites as well.

What’s happening to her now:  Imma has been appointed as the virtual ambassador of Vivo (Asia Pacific) to promote the latest smartphone model, the V25 series. 

Kami, 2022

Here comes the first virtual influencer with down syndrome, Kami aka Kamilah. The virtual influencer was created by Down Syndrome International, in collboration with Forsman & Bodenfors, a Swedish advertising agency,, and The Diigitals, a digital modeling agency.

The agencies think that Kami will be a powerful representation to show that Down Syndrome is not a flaw. Kami does not need “fixing”.

What’s happening to her now: Kami is presented as an icon. She is helping to raise awareness about Down Syndrome.

Shawn, 2021

Shawn is an 18 years old virtual influencer, the first virtual human to share educational stories about life, art, and culture in Malaysia.

His YouTube channel has over 2,000 subscribers. in January 2022, Shawn released a COVID-19 SOP song, targeting children above 4 years old.

What’s happening to him now: The virtual influencer is releasing the first season of his TV show, Life of Shawn by the end of 2022. The show aims to educate children on good habits and important values.

Despite the popularity of virtual influencer in the industry, they don’t affect human influencers. After all, virtual influencers are created and controlled by humans. Virtual influencers can’t replace human influencers.

Each play different role in marketing. But their keys to success remain to be the same:

Communication and Content.

Consumers want to learn something useful. Hypes are irrelevant, be it from human influencers or virtual ones. Only good contents can satisfy the consumers needs. Content marketing is still the KING in 2022.

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